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I think we could lose python2.2 support if there is a good

    > reason. Is anyone still using it? I'll also post to the
    > user's list. Perhaps in the next release we should issue
    > deprecation warnings for 2.2 and encourage people to post to
    > the list if they have an objection. Typically with these
    > things you don't see complaints until you take something
    > away.

Well, I was just about to post to the user list to see if anyone
objected to remove 2.2 support, and wondered, do we really support 2.2
currently? I just tried to compile under 2.2 and got

peds-pc311:~/mpl> sudo python2.2 install
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 63, in ?
    from setupext import build_agg, build_gtkagg, build_tkagg,
  File "", line 120, in ?
    win32_compiler = get_win32_compiler()
  File "", line 117, in get_win32_compiler
    if 'mingw32' in v:
TypeError: 'in <string>' requires character as left operand

And this has probably been in there for a while. So we haven't
supported 2.2 for sometime and noone is complaining so let's make 2.3
the official target rather than fix this. At least 2.3 compiles and

I'll update the docs and website when I get a minute.