clipping of small figures

Hi, when doing simple plots and reducing the figuresize

    > to e.g. (4,3) it happens that the axis labels are
    > clipped especially if the y-axis tick labels have many
    > digits, but it happens as well for the x-axis. How can
    > that be solved? Christian

The fact that tick labels aren't very smart - they can overlap
adjacent subplots for example - is a typical source of annoyance. The
only thing you can do in the current implementation is to make them
smaller or control their placement. You can make them smaller by
default by setting the

axes.labelsize : 12 # fontsize of the x any y labels
tick.labelsize : 10 # fontsize of the tick labels

properties in your rc file or by using the rc command. You can also
set the properties of individual labels

ticks = ax.get_xticklabels()
set(ticks, fontsize=8)

Alternatively, you can just set the xticks so that they are not so
close to the edge, eg

set(ax, xticks=(0.0, 0.5, 1.0))