Climate Diagrams - two axes with different scale


I was trying to create a function to draw climate diagrams like this
one <>.

Basically is a two lines plot, monthly average temperature and
monthly accumulated rainfall, drawn with same X axis but diferrent Y
axes (rainfall is half scale of temperature, eg. at the same
horizontal line for Temp: 20ºC --> Rain: 40 mm). The example
"" works great with that porpouse.

The problem is that behind the lines plot, a fill plot is needed in
order to shade the areas of water déficit and water excess. I followed
the example "" buy I couldn't found the wayto
use it in conjunction with twinx() on the same plot because the filled
areas must be drawn in different axes.

Anyone could help? I could post the code if needed.

Thanks a lot.

                      Alfredo Sotelo


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