class interface: set_xlim, set_ylim

Hello everyone on the list, I try to use the matplotlib class

    > interface for my plotting application. I have a question which
    > I hope you can help me with. The attached file contains a test
    > case for my problem. From the example '' I
    > figured the proper way to use the class interface was to

    > 1. create a Figure() instance 2. create a FigureCanvas
    > instance, using the Figure as argument 3. create a subplot by
    > using FigureCanvas.subplot

I think you mean "create a subplot by using Figure.add_subplot"

    > This works fine; however now I was trying to set the limits of
    > the plot using the Axes.set_xlim and Axes.set_ylim functions.

Call set_xlim and set_ylim after calling plot. Plot automatically
calls autoscale on the axes to incorporate the new data into its
range. This should become an rc param and a kwarg (and this question
will soon become a FAQ!)

    > As you can see from the test, it won't affect the plot! On the
    > other hand, this method works fine if you use the pylab 'show'
    > method as in ''. Is this a bug or should I use
    > another function to set the limits?

It has nothing to do with show and everything to do that setting the
lim come after creating the plot elements

    > BTW, the documentation recommends passing two arguments to
    > set_xlim, set_ylim, while the examples pass a list/tuple. Are
    > both ways correct?