Circular documentation

The documentation for subplots_adjust reads

Adjust the subplot layout parameters.”

which fits the circular pattern

verb the noun”

In other words, the explanation of the function is a just a rephrasing of the name of the function. To be fair, it does say “verb noun’s layout parameters”, so it is not completely circular – but layout parameters is undefined and not linked to anything. Its usage here suggests that it is a technical in the context of matplotlib, so I went to the search bar and typed in “layout parameters”, but I could not find a definition of it.

In case it’s not obvious, I am really new to matplotlib. Thank you for your patience with a question that probably seems unnecessary to just about everyone else in this forum. : )

Hi, this is a fair point, and please open a documentation issue. The layout parameters are the list of function parameters left, right, bottom, top, hspace, vspace that specify how the plots are arranged on the figure relative to each other. Some examples of how matplotlib defines/describes layouts can be found at Tutorials — Matplotlib 3.5.2 documentation