Changing the tick label font family


I stand corrected - the phrase should be “fairly kludgy” though
“cludgy” might not be that far off when describing my



At 15:03 07/11/2006, you wrote:

A cludgy is an outside loo

Etrade Griffiths <etrade.griffiths@…312…> 2006/11/07 04:54 PM >>>
Sorry, another really basic matplotlib question … how do I set the font
family of the axis tick labels? I am using wxPython/wxMpl and not the
pylab interface so am trying to avoid getp/setp. I could do this using
matplotlib.rc but want to do it programatically
I tried
d = { ‘family’ : ‘sans-serif’ }
ax1.set_xticklabels(xt, d)
But Python goes haywire … There has to be a simpler way but not found it yet.
I am trying to do the same for the legend properties. So far we have
fig.legend(lines, titles, ‘upper right’, prop=p)
but this looks fairly cludgy - is there a more elegant way of doing the
same thing?
Thanks in advance
Alun Griffiths
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