Changing symbols on the fly

I have a look like this: for i,_ in

    > enumerate(myRunObject.results[0]): pylab.plot(x, counts[i])

    > That will plot a bunch of curves and I would like the point
    > style to change as well as the colour (which changes
    > automatically). Is there a nice way to do this? The only
    > idea I had was to make a list of the possible point styles
    > that I like and grab a point style from that list according
    > to the index = mod(i, len(listOfPointStyles))

The linestyles can be obtained as the keys of the
matplotlib.lines.lineStyles dictionary; the markers are the keys of
the matplotlib.lines.lineMarkers dictionary

  In [95]: matplotlib.lines.lineStyles.keys()
  Out[95]: ['None', '--', '-.', '-', 'steps', ':']

  In [96]: matplotlib.lines.lineMarkers.keys()
  Out[96]: [0, 1, 2, 3, '+', ',', '.', '1', '3', '2', '4', '<','>',
            'None', 'D', 'H', '_', '^', 'd', 'h', 'o', 'p', 's', 'v',
            'x', '|']

The list of valid colornames are the keys of the
matplotlib.colors.cnames dictionary

  In [97]: import matplotlib.colors

  In [98]: colors = matplotlib.colors.cnames.keys()

  In [99]: len(colors)
  Out[99]: 139

  In [100]: colors.sort()

  In [101]: colors[:5]
  Out[101]: ['aliceblue', 'antiquewhite', 'aqua', 'aquamarine', 'azure']

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