changing matplotlib fonts in illustrator

hello all,

I make my figures in matplotlib and then output them (using savefig) as .pdf. I am using Fedora linux.

When I try to edit the font in the figure to Helvetica using Illustrator, I cannot. i am able to select the fonts, e.g. labels on the axes of the figure, but when i try to change the font it does not work. apparently the font information has been lost.

is there a way to make the .pdf file contain the font? or is the solution to export it as a different file format (if so which)?

p.s. i do not have helvetica on the system that generates the plots so i cannot set it programmatically… this is why i export it using the default matplotlib font and then try to edit it in illustrator.


You might want to try setting the rcParam pdf.fonttype to 42 (i.e.
TrueType mode), which will avoid font subsetting.

You may also want to try using the Ps backend, which does support
Helvetica directly. matplotlib ships all of the “standard” Ps font
metrics as part of matplotlib. Be sure to set ps.useafm to True.