Changing font

I've set

rc('text', usetex=True)

following the instructions of this link:

Now I'd like to set the default font of my graphs as Utopia. But it seems
that it is not possible through the usual rc parameter settings as said in
this piece of text from the link:

#text.usetex : False # use latex for all text handling. The
following fonts
                              # are supported through the usual rc
parameter settings:
                              # new century schoolbook, bookman,
times, palatino,
                              # zapf chancery, charter, serif,
sans-serif, helvetica,
                              # avant garde, courier, monospace,
computer modern roman,
                              # computer modern sans serif, computer
modern typewriter
                              # If another font is desired which can
loaded using the
                              # LaTeX \usepackage command, please inquire at the
                              # matplotlib mailing list

This font is said to be available.

#font.serif : DejaVu Serif, Bitstream Vera Serif, New Century
Schoolbook, Century Schoolbook L, Utopia, ITC Bookman, Bookman, Nimbus
Roman No9 L, Times New Roman, Times, Palatino, Charter, serif

I would apreciate to learn how to make this work.
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