changes in axes_grid toolkit in matplotlib 1.0

The axes_grid toolkit in the matplotlib 1.0 have some major changes.

1. Refactoring
2. introduced a concept of "axis_direction"
3. FloatingAxes

1. Refactoring



The axes_grid toolkit is now separated into two different modules,
*axes_grid1* and *axisartist*. The original axes_grid heavily used
customized Axes class which has been a source of confusion.

*axes_grid1* is a striped-out version of the axes_grid that does not
use customized Axes class.

A custom Axes implementation is now separated as another module named

There still exists *axes_grid* toolkit for backward compatibility.


Unfortunately, the documentation is not complete (any help will be appreciated)

Examples in the Gallery are converted to use axes_grid1 and
axisartist. And updated documentation can be found here.

If you have a code based on *axes_grid*. the code will mostly work.

2. axis_direction

I have introduced a concept of "axis_direction" (this is to support
FloatingAxis more naturally).

Note that the rotation angle of ticklabels have slightly different meaning!

3. FloatingAxis and FloatingAxes