Cannot use breakpoint in pycharm

I can run my test with RUN/DEBUG configuration both, but as soon as I add a breakpoint, the test fail with:

============================= test session starts ==============================
collecting ... collected 1 item

tests/core/bookings/ LOCAL DEV MODE: Using disk based object storage
FAILED [100%]Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/dka/.local/share/JetBrains/IntelliJIdea2021.2/python/helpers/pydev/_pydevd_bundle/", line 747, in trace_dispatch
    self.do_wait_suspend(thread, frame, event, arg)
  File "/home/dka/.local/share/JetBrains/IntelliJIdea2021.2/python/helpers/pydev/_pydevd_bundle/", line 144, in do_wait_suspend
    self._args[0].do_wait_suspend(*args, **kwargs)
  File "/home/dka/.local/share/JetBrains/IntelliJIdea2021.2/python/helpers/pydev/", line 1111, in do_wait_suspend
  File "/home/dka/.local/share/JetBrains/IntelliJIdea2021.2/python/helpers/pydev/", line 842, in process_internal_commands
    curr_thread_id = get_current_thread_id(threadingCurrentThread())
  File "/usr/local/lib/python3.10/", line 1449, in currentThread
    warnings.warn('currentThread() is deprecated, use current_thread() instead',
DeprecationWarning: currentThread() is deprecated, use current_thread() instead

I expect them to pass.

After reading this similar issue python - PyCharm debugger errors whenever it hits a breakpoint - Stack Overflow , I have tried to upgrade matplotlib these ways:

# debian install
apt-get install python3-matplotlib
# pip install
python -m pip install -U matplotlib

This didn’t help.

Any clue how I can fix the breakpoint feature ?

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