Building v0.85 on OS X with ipython

These are some very basic installation questions from someone
upgrading from 10.3 to 10.4 OS X. I installed the 2.4.1 binary
installation of python on 10.4.3 OS X. I also installed (the amazing)
ipython and Tcl/Tk Aqua which seem to work. Instead of using a v0.82
binary package of matplotlib I decided to try building from the 0.85

This has been more of a challenge than I expected. I
compiled/installed versions of freetype and libpng but I'm not really
sure if or how to get matplotlib to find them. Anyway, I didn't
notice errors when matplotlib installed but when running ipython and
typing import pylab I get the exception below. Does anyone have a
suggestion for what might be wrong?

     37 import matplotlib
     38 from matplotlib import afm
---> 39 from matplotlib import ft2font
     40 from matplotlib import rcParams, get_data_path, get_home, get_configdir

ImportError: Failure linking new module:
Symbol not found: _vsprintf$LDBLStub
  Referenced from:
  Expected in: dynamic lookup

Also I noticed that darwinports has freetype, etc, and seems much
easier to use to install and manage various unix tools and libraries.
It seems to like to put everything in /opt/local/. How can I get
matplotlib to check there for libraries (assuming that's the problem)?

-- David