building matplotlib 1.3 on OS X 10.8.4

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James Boyle <jsboyle314@...287...>

I built MPL 1.3 from source, all seem to go OK but I ran into the problem of
not finding libfreetype.6.dylib when importing.

Hmmm, it works for me. (I tried it again, just now). Here is what I did:

* Make sure you have XQuartz installed. I have 2.7.4 which I got from

* Edit Change this line:
         'darwin': ['/usr/local/', '/usr', '/usr/X11', '/opt/local'],
        'darwin': ['/usr', '/usr/X11'],
to avoid any conflicts with any extra software you might have installed.

* Copy setup.cfg.template to setup.cfg to change:
    #backend = TkAgg
    backend = TkAgg

* python build
* python install

I found this resulted in a matplotlib I could use just fine on 10.8. (It
won't work on 10.6 because the X11 libraries are in the wrong place).

-- Russell