Bug in xaxis_date ?

I have a problem with xaxis_date in the SVN (rev2994)


def xaxis_date(self, tz=None):
        """Sets up x-axis ticks and labels that treat the x data as dates.

        tz is the time zone to use in labeling dates. Defaults to rc value.

        thislocator = self.xaxis.get_major_locator()
        if not isinstance(thislocator, DateLocator):
            locator = AutoDateLocator(tz)

        thisformatter = self.xaxis.get_major_formatter()
        if not isinstance(thisformatter, DateFormatter):
            formatter = AutoDateFormatter(locator)
The problem is that in the second if, locator can still be undefined if
thislocator was a DateLocator.
The first if could have a else clause:
    locator = thislocator
Which seems to solve the problem
(Of course, the same apply to yaxis_date).

John, Eric, or whoever else has write access, could you take care of that ?
Thanks a lot in advance