Bug in imshow ?

2/ I have another problem with imshow:

    > When I do for example:

    > figure(1) axes([-0.1,0,0.8,0.8]) myima = rand(50,50)
    > imshow(myima)

    > then it works and shows me the array with the axes partly
    > outside the window since the origin for the X axis is < 0

Hmm, it never occurred to me that someone would be placing the axes
outside the figure! You example appears to indicate that in the
imshow code I am missing a check somewhere for illegal y values but
getting it right for illegal x values. My inclination is to disallow
axes borders outside the figure boundary. Am I correct that you are
only driven to this extreme because you are trying to work around the
preserve bug? If so, perhaps it will be an acceptable solution to
just fix that bug and raise an exception if someone uses left,bottom<0
or right,top>1.