broken PNG files with GD backend

#2 above is the answer to the problem in my original

    > post. However I have another question. When I set the
    > ylabel rotation to be horizontal, the beginning of the
    > text is truncated ( the width of the border does not
    > compensate ). I'm happy to set it wider but am
    > wondering how ( what controls the width of the area
    > where the labels gets written ).

In this case the placement of the ylabel is determined by the
horizontalalignment and the left side of the y tick labels. If it is
being truncated, you have a few choices.

  1) Use a different alignment or smaller fontsize for the label

  2) Use a smaller font size for the y tick labels or turn them off
     entirely -- the position of the ylabel will automatically adjust
     based upon the size of the tick labels.

  3) Probably best, make a custom axes where the 'left' parameter is
     larger and the width parameter is smaller. This will give you
     more room for your ylabel.

    > I also noticed that title of the graph ( with the
    > horizontal alignment set to bottom ) is too close to
    > the top of the graph itself, is there a way to pad
    > that?

When you set the title, do

   t = title('my title')
   t.set_y(1.05) # relative axes coords

1.0 is the top of the axes, so the larger the number the higher the
title will be. 1.02 is the default.

Hope this helps,