BIDS machine shop & matplotlib

Hello matplotlib-devs !

As some of you may know, I am involved with Stéfan van der Walt in an
initiative around Berkeley campus known as the "BIDS Machine Shop". It
consists of trying to bridge the gap in software development and best
practises around campus by introducing undergraduates to research
software development and open source communities.
Stéfan and I will manage students on different research projects and
open source packages, including matplotlib and scikit-image. I'll be
managing the matplotlib side of the machine shop, and you should see
(I hope) a bunch of contributions from our students popping up on

I am going to create a label "Machine Shop" and a project "Machine
Shop" for the duration of the semester (maybe longer if this
experiment is a success). I'll assign "easy fix" tickets to our
students. I expect them to do peer-review before opening the PRs for
broader reviews. Please, wait for the tag "need review" to be set on
those PR before reviewing theme. Once they fixed these issues, I'll
assign them to more complex tasks.

If you have questions/suggestions, don't hesitate to chime in.


PS: we should have a website up and running soon with more details.