best format for MS word?

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From: Scott Sinclair <>
Date: 2009/9/2
Subject: Re: [Matplotlib-users] best format for MS word?
To: Shixin Zeng <zeng.shixin@...287...>

2009/9/2 Shixin Zeng <zeng.shixin@...287...>:
Yes, the DPI i'm using is 300, and I tried to change it to 600, or
1200, but I can't see much difference.

Word seems to make PNG's very fuzzy when it needs to rescale them. Two
options I can think of are:

1. Try to size the figure so that Word imports it at 100% without
scaling (play with the following)

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
fig = plt.figure()
ax = fig.add_subplot(111)
fig.set_size_inches((4, 3))
plt.savefig('figure.png', dpi=600)

2. Save your figures as PDF's and view at large magnification in Adobe
Reader, then use the image select? tool to copy the image to your
clipboard. In Word Edit-Paste-Special as an enhanced metafile.