Basemap - pcolormesh outside of projected area


I am attempting to plot a base map with extents which are outside of the figure using the following code:


lon_min = -101.5

lon_max = -94.5

lat_min = -32.5

lat_max = -27.5

m = Basemap(projection='aeqd',llcrnrlat=lat_min,urcrnrlat=lat_max,

llcrnrlon=lon_min,urcrnrlon=lon_max,lon_0=-97.7328, lat_0=-30.0906,resolution=None, rsphere=(1737400.0,1737400.0))

#Read the input image

input_basemap = gdal.Open('Mare_Orientale_Volc_AzEqui.png')

input_band = input_basemap.GetRasterBand(1)

bmap = input_band.ReadAsArray()

#The bounds of the input image using gdalinfo

LL = (-204690.290, -162184.543)

UR = (200909.710,  176915.457)

I know that I need to use pcolormesh() to get my map visualized. I also believe that I need to use the transform_scalar function to get from pixel space to map projected space. My input image is not in Lat/Lon, but in pixel space. Any suggestions on getting my image to display in projected space?