bar plot with different filling patterns


the following simple code (in Matlab syntax):

x1 = [5, 6]
y1 = [3, 2]
bar([1,2], [x1; y1])

produces a bar plot where two of the bars have a color (let’s say red) and the two other bars have another color (let’s say blue). I’d like to know whether it’s possible in matplotlib to plot the bars not simply with a different color but with a different filling pattern. So, for example, the blue bars filled with vertical lines (or something else) and the red bars filled with horizontal lines (or again something else).
Please, note that I’m not talking about the borders of the bars. The reason why I need this feature is that I have to clearly distinguish the bars also when they are plotted in black and white, because many publications can’t be done in colors.

Any help will be very appreciated.

Thanks and regards