bar chart with dates on x-axis blows up

[re-adding in the list]

Eric Firing wrote:

It looks like you have hit a bug that has been fixed. I don't know when it was fixed, but your example works with svn.

As I said elsewhere, with all the fixes, maybe it's time for a new release? :wink:

Also, you can call bar repeatedly; I think it will just keep adding the new bars, resizing the plot as needed. Everything has to be done before the show() command, though.

I don't think I was clear enough.. I want to do all the plotting at one time, but looking at the example, it appears that you have to do much more work as a user if you want bar charts where the bars are side-by-side than if you use a line plot.

Are bar charts a relatively new addition? They feel less slick to use than the other options :-S




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