backend with edition capabilities

Dear Andrea, All

I thought the OP's original question was something like the Matlab
"plot editor" (or whatever is its name), which allows you to edit line
colours, styles, gridlines styles, this kind of stuff on a "live" plot
(mind you, it's been 6 years since I used Matlab for the last time and
I may have forgotten what the "plot editor" does).

Anyway, if I am not completely off-track, this is something I had been
looking for as well in matplotlib a while back (3, 4 years ago), but
at that time I was told it would have been complicated to implement it
for all the "live" backend (I can't recall the exact reason).

I would say that, at least for the backends based on wxPython, this
kind of modify-the-live-plot-via-GUI-interaction should be relatively
straightforward, at least for the GUI part and for the basics (line
styles, colours, markers and so on). However I am not sure what are
the implications on the core matplotlib code.

But if I have misunderstood, I apologize for the noise :slight_smile: .

For the wx backend to matplotlib, wxmplot
(, does provide some of the basic
editing features for simple 2d line plots such as changing colour,
style, markers, text labels and so on via a GUI form, much as you
describe. For image displays, it allows changing the colour table,
smoothing, and rotating and so on.

It is definitely not as complete as all of matplotlib, and I'm sure it
could be improved. Still, it can serve many simple plotting needs
where one wants to give the end-user the ability to customize the
plots, and wx/matplotlib developers needing might find it useful.

--Matt Newville


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