axis aspect ratio

Thanks a lot! This worked like a charm. I’ll need to dig into matplotlib a lot later,

but now I have truckloads of bugs in my code to deal with, this will speed me up


Thank you again,



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Give this a shot:

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

fig = pl.figure(figsize=(4,4))

ax = fig.add_sublot(1,1,1) # tweak as needed

[plot your data]


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Hello everyone,

I’m using matplotlib for plotting data results from numerical simulations that involve a lot of geometric calculations.

I did read the tutorial, but I haven’t been able to figure out the proper way to set the axis aspect ratio to “1” when

numerical data is plotted.

Here is an example of my plot:

since I need the aspect ratio to be “1” so that I can visually inspect my numerical code for bugs, I would really

appreciate the help.

I’ve loaded the data using pylab.load and I’ve plotted the files without using figure or axes, just plain old