Axes3d have improved handling of label placement yet


Thanks that works great and also one more question. If you look at the
previous example. I have noticed that at the angle the figure is at the
ticklabels look like they are at the center of the grid boxes. This is not
the case because if you turn it to the side as the example below image.pdf.
The 0.00, 0.05 on the I_lw axis are supposed to be at the actual tick marks.

Thus, can the axis be manually moved too? This isn't a huge deal but I was

just wondering if it was possible to offset the ticklabels. I looked in the
_axinfo but looks like for ticklabel their is only a space_factor parameter.


The effect you are seeing is that the tick labels are set to be below and
in front of the tick marks. More specifically, what happens is that the
ticklabels (and the axis label) are offsetted away from the center of the
domain. The space_factor value you found is just some empirical value that
I have found to work fairly well. Effectively, there is only a
"radial"-like control over the spacing, not a finer-grained control.

That being said, you can modify the "va" value of the _axinfo to control
the vertical allignment of the labels. I would wonder if messing around
with that might have some desired impact. Another possibility is to use
'\n' characters before or after the main text for the label to make an
apparent shift. Just some ideas to play around with.

Ben Root


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