fix Axes.pcolorfast (style == "pcolorimage") to allow RGB(A) data (version 1.0.0)

mpl version 1.0.0

line: 7214

         nr, nc = C.shape


         nr, nc = C.shape[:2]


While you are at it, you could also change line 6759

             numRows, numCols = C.shape


             numRows, numCols = C.shape[:2]

(still some other things further down then crash, but this [second fix] is a start on that)

A lot more work will be needed to make everything (_pcolorargs, PcolorImage, pcolorfast,...) work with RGB(A) arrays. How do I get a password/user name to check you the svn sources so I can send in patches in a more useful way? Just sign up for the devlop mailing list?