Axes.get_shared_x_axes() returning immutable Grouper

it used to be that Axes.get_shared_x_axes() returned a cbook.Grouper() which had a .join() method, but now it is returning an cbook.GrouperView() that is IMMUTABLE. It is breaking my tool (cant paste the link for some reason) and I don’t even understand the rationale for such backward incompatible change.

regardless, I need a workaround that would continue to work with future versions of matplotlib. Much appreciate your help in pointing me to the right methods and properties to achieve the same effect as:

I can’t paste a link so here is the target: line 528 on module in visualqc library of user raamana on github.

thanks very much.

Sorry about the GitHub linking problem. It seems that Discourse thinks anyone who posts multiple links to the same site might be a spammer, and you have posted multiple GitHub links (including your previous posts). Looks like there is a setting to alleviate this, but it is above my permissions level, so I’m hoping someone else will change it.

I think this is the link you intended to post. I also see you have since added a commit. So is your problem now solved?