autoscale and "equal aspect" mode

I just ran our sample against the latest SVN and it's still failing.

I've hand coded a quick fixed aspect ratio setter so we can get by with the current version. Mike will send out a sample script that shows the problem some time later this week (we're in the middle of a big release right now so it might be later rather than earlier).



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From: John Hunter <jdhunter@...8...>
Date: Friday, April 21, 2006 8:20 pm
Subject: Re: [Matplotlib-users] autoscale and "equal aspect" mode

   > I'm using this aspect mode: axes.set_aspect( 'equal',
   > adjustable='datalim' )

   > With several xy line plots on the axes, autoscaling
   > doesn't seem to occur properly. It cuts off part of the
   > data. Is this a known issue? I don't have a simple script
   > to replicate it---I'll have to pull that out of a larger
   > program---but just wanted to check if it is known. I
   > don't see anything in the bug tracker.

matplotlib version number? a lot of work as been done quite recently
on aspect handling. You should test against the latest svn and then
post a complete example describing what is wrong if you are


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