Currently when plotting dates the tick mark locations
are only generated once, so when zooming in on a plot
takes you between tick marks, they dissapear.

Attatched is a patch file (against the cvs repository
as of 10:40am, Feb 02, 2006) that has an
AutoDateLocator class that derives from the DateLocator
class. It essentially does what AutoLocator does,
except for Dates.

In addition I also provided an AutoDateFormatter class
that inherits from Formatter and will chande the format
of the date label based on the range of dates being
spanned in the current view.

The AutoDateFormatter class may not be as robust as it
could be, but it might be nice to have it around.

The attatched patch file will set the default behaviour
of date plots to use both AutoDateLocator and

--James Evans

matplotlib-vCVS-20060202_1040.diff (8.35 KB)