For oscopy I chose to use autotools with python stuff with the approach
"./configure && make && make install".
Probably I was not able to find The Good Tutorial/Documentation but I
found the learning curve very steep. And today I'm still trying to figure
out the interaction with i18n. Comparing with distutils, my understanding
is that when installing on a new machine are needed a lot of additional
packages (at least autotool suite...) with significantly increase the
complexity of first install process. I would not recommend to switch to
autotools for a python project.



Oscopy - An interactive viewer and post-processor for electrical
simulation results

On Tue, January 8, 2013 02:50, Michiel de Hoon wrote:

If we use autoconf for matplotlib, we may end up using a different

compiler (or compiler options) than what was used to compile Python
itself. This can lead to incompatibilities that will be very hard to
figure out. As far as I understand, using by default uses the
same compiler and appropriate compiler/linker options as was used for
Python itself.


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I was just reading some comments from Richard Stallman on ./ when I

noticed that he pointed out a useful autoconf feature that was added
somewhat recently. Essentially, this feature would allow one to do a
build/install of a python module using the "./configure; make install"
approach, if one chooses. Maybe it should be something to consider
adding to our build system?

My 2 cents: I took over the maintenance of a Python project built by

autotools. The build system felt more complex than the actual
application - a fantastic world of .am files generating .in files
generating Makefiles, which themselves were packed with abstractions. I
had little idea how to change anything in the build process, and before
long I ri