Arbitrary placement of the x or y axis

Dear developers,

On Monday I sent an email to the matplotlib-users list
asking if it was possible to have a 'centered' axis.

As I received no reply and couldn't find any other info, I assume that this
functionality is not present in matplotlib-0.84. Am I right or is there a

Cause if the lines of the x and y axis can only be plotted on the lower/left
edge of the axes/subplot I'd be keen to enhance the code to make this
flexible. Seems like I'd be targeting and, but I'd also have
to know how this is done in Matlab to keep compatibility (I did Matlab 6
years ago and don't remember anything).


Kilian Hagemann

Climate Systems Analysis Group
University of Cape Town
Republic of South Africa
Tel(w): ++27 21 650 2748