applying format to numbering

solved the problem, where add_splot_toolbar() - a

    > toolbar function very much like the 2nd toolbar in the
    > wx examples - is added only just after arranging the
    > sizer. I was unable to arrange the toolbar with the
    > sizer - regardless of the sizer and the layout I
    > used. Hence the problem is definitively wx-related,
    > possibly together with a problem in Panther's
    > framework, since I find the old sequence of commands in
    > the examples and the misbehaving canvas there as well.
    > May I suggest adding a comment in the examples for OSX
    > users so that they are aware of a possible conflict
    > there?

Would you be willing to add the comments to one or more of the
embedding_in_wx*.py examples and send them to me?