[announce] matplotlib 1.5.0 released

Hey all,

We are pleased to finally announce the release of matplotlib 1.5.0! It has
been over a year since the last feature release and we have had over 230
people contribute to this cycle.

This release of matplotlib has several major new features including

- Auto-redraw using the object-oriented API in interactive mode.
- Most plotting functions now support labeled data API [Jan Schulz].
- Color cycling has extended to all style properties [Ben Root].
- Four new perceptually uniform color maps, including the soon-to-be
default 'viridis'. [Stefan van der Walt and Nathaniel Smith].
- More included style sheets.
- Many small plotting improvements.
- Proposed new framework for managing the GUI toolbar and tools.
- Pixel-value on mouse over for imshow [Steven Silvester]

For demos of some of these features in action see this notebook:


which is version of the talk I presented at scipy, pydata Seattle and
pygotham this summer. There will be more in-depth demos of the new
features coming.

This release has a new required dependency, cycler
<http://matplotlib.org/cycler> , for composing complex style cycles.

In 1.5.0 we have dropped official support for python 2.6 and 3.3.

The next matplotlib release will be the 2.0 default-style-only release,
planned for 1-2 months from now.

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