ANN: matplotlib-

I have uploaded the source and OSX binaries for the bugfix release of
matplotlib- to

The windows binaries are not yet ready, so I'll followup to this email
when they are up. Below is a summary of the bugfixes in this release

2009-05-04 Fix bug that Text.Annotation is still drawn while set to
           not visible.-JJL

2009-04-06 The pdf backend now escapes newlines and linefeeds in strings.
           Fixes sf bug #2708559; thanks to Tiago Pereira for the report.

2009-04-06 texmanager.make_dvi now raises an error if LaTeX failed to
           create an output file. Thanks to Joao Luis Silva for reporting
           this. - JKS

2009-04-05 _png.read_png() reads 12 bit PNGs (patch from
           Tobias Wood) - ADS

2009-03-17 Fix bugs in edge color handling by contourf, found
           by Jae-Joon Lee. - EF

2009-03-11 Ensure wx version >= 2.8; thanks to Sandro Tosi and
           Chris Barker. - EF

2009-02-26 Support image clipping in pdf backend. - JKS

2009-02-16 Move to the installed source tree. Add
           support for inline code content - MGD

2009-02-16 Move to the installed source tree so it is
           available to other projects. - MGD

2009-02-04 Fix bug in mathtext related to \dots and \ldots - MGD

2009-01-29 Document 'resolution' kwarg for polar plots. Support it
           when using pyplot.polar, not just Figure.add_axes. - MGD

2009-01-26 Make curves and NaNs play nice together - MGD

2009-01-19 Fix bug in quiver argument handling. - EF

2009-01-19 Fix bug in backend_gtk: don't delete nonexistent toolbar. - EF

2009-01-16 Fix bug in is_string_like so it doesn't raise an
           unnecessary exception. - EF

2009-01-16 Bugfix of C typedef of MPL_Int64 that was failing on
           Windows XP 64 bit, as reported by George Goussard on numpy
           mailing list. - ADS

2009-01-10 Fix bug in pan/zoom with log coordinates. - EF

2009-01-06 Fix bug in setting of dashed negative contours. - EF

2009-01-06 Be fault tolerant when len(linestyles)>NLev in contour. - MM

2008-12-20 fix the dpi-dependent offset of Shadow. - JJL

2008-12-20 fix the hatch bug in the pdf backend. minor update
           in docs and example - JJL

2008-12-19 Update Axes.legend documnetation. /api/api_changes.rst is also
           updated to describe chages in keyword parameters.
           Issue a warning if old keyword parameters are used. - JJL