ANN: matplotlib-0.87.3

New compile to match numpy-0.9.8.
win32-py2.4 coming tomorrow morning...


2006-06-06 Released 0.87.3 at revision 2432

2006-05-30 More partial support for polygons with outline or fill,
           but not both. Made LineCollection inherit from
           ScalarMappable. - EF

2006-05-29 Yet another revision of aspect-ratio handling. - EF

2006-05-27 Committed a patch to prevent stroking zero-width lines in
           the svg backend - DSD

2006-05-24 Fixed colorbar positioning bug identified by Helge
           Avlesen, and improved the algorithm; added a 'pad'
           kwarg to control the spacing between colorbar and
           parent axes. - EF

2006-05-23 Changed color handling so that collection initializers
           can take any mpl color arg or sequence of args; deprecated
           float as grayscale, replaced by string representation of
           float. - EF

2006-05-19 Fixed bug: plot failed if all points were masked - EF

2006-05-19 Added custom symbol option to scatter - JDH

2006-05-18 New example,; colorbar fixed to show
           offset text when the ScalarFormatter is used; FixedFormatter
           augmented to accept and display offset text. - EF

2006-05-14 New colorbar; old one is renamed to colorbar_classic.
           New colorbar code is in, with wrappers in
           Fixed aspect-handling bug reported by Michael Mossey.
           Made backend_bases.draw_quad_mesh() run.- EF

2006-05-08 Changed handling of end ranges in contourf: replaced
           "clip-ends" kwarg with "extend". See docstring for
           details. -EF

2006-05-08 Added axisbelow to rc - JDH

2006-05-08 If using PyGTK require version 2.2+ - SC

2006-04-19 Added compression support to PDF backend, controlled by
           new pdf.compression rc setting. - JKS

2006-04-19 Added Jouni's PDF backend

2006-04-18 Fixed a bug that caused agg to not render long lines

2006-04-16 Masked array support for pcolormesh; made pcolormesh support the
           same combinations of X,Y,C dimensions as pcolor does;
           improved (I hope) description of grid used in pcolor,
           pcolormesh. - EF

2006-04-14 Reorganized - EF

2006-04-13 Fixed a bug Ryan found using usetex with sans-serif fonts and
           exponential tick labels - DSD

2006-04-11 Refactored backend_ps and backend_agg to prevent module-level
           texmanager imports. Now these imports only occur if text.usetex
           rc setting is true - DSD

2006-04-10 Committed changes required for building mpl on win32
           platforms with visual studio. This allows wxpython
           blitting for fast animations. - CM

2006-04-10 Fixed an off-by-one bug in Axes.change_geometry.

2006-04-10 Fixed bug in pie charts where wedge wouldn't have label in
           legend. Submitted by Simon Hildebrandt. - ADS

2006-05-06 Usetex makes temporary latex and dvi files in a temporary
           directory, rather than in the user's current working
           directory - DSD

2006-04-05 Apllied Ken's wx deprecation warning patch closing sf patch
           #1465371 - JDH

2006-04-05 Added support for the new API in the postscript backend.
           Allows values to be masked using nan's, and faster file
           creation - DSD

2006-04-05 Use python's subprocess module for usetex calls to
           external programs. subprocess catches when they exit
           abnormally so an error can be raised. - DSD

2006-04-03 Fixed the bug in which widgets would not respond to
           events. This regressed the twinx functionality, so I
           also updated subplots_adjust to update axes that share
           an x or y with a subplot instance. - CM

2006-04-02 Moved PBox class to transforms and deleted;
           made pylab axis command a thin wrapper for Axes.axis;
           more tweaks to aspect-ratio handling; fixed Axes.specgram
           to account for the new imshow default of unit aspect
           ratio; made contour set the Axes.dataLim. - EF

2006-03-31 Fixed the Qt "Underlying C/C++ object deleted" bug. - JRE

2006-03-31 Applied Vasily Sulatskov's Qt Navigation Toolbar enhancement. - JRE

2006-03-31 Ported Norbert's rewriting of Halldor's stineman_interp
           algorithm to make it numerix compatible and added code to
           matplotlib.mlab. See examples/ - JDH

2006-03-30 Fixed a bug in aspect ratio handling; blocked potential
           crashes when panning with button 3; added axis('image')
           support. - EF

2006-03-28 More changes to aspect ratio handling; new PBox class
           in new file to facilitate resizing and repositioning
           axes; made PolarAxes maintain unit aspect ratio. - EF

2006-03-23 Refactored TextWithDash class to inherit from, rather than
           delegate to, the Text class. Improves object inspection
           and closes bug # 1357969 - DSD

2006-03-22 Improved aspect ratio handling, including pylab interface.
           Interactive resizing, pan, zoom of images and plots
           (including panels with a shared axis) should work.
           Additions and possible refactoring are still likely. - EF

2006-03-21 Added another colorbrewer colormap (RdYlBu) - JSWHIT

2006-03-21 Fixed tickmarks for logscale plots over very large ranges.
           Closes bug # 1232920 - DSD

2006-03-21 Added Rob Knight's arrow code; see examples/ - JDH

2006-03-20 Added support for masking values with nan's, using ADS's
           isnan module and the new API. Works for *Agg backends - DSD

2006-03-20 Added contour.negative_linestyle rcParam - ADS

2006-03-20 Added _isnan extension module to test for nan with Numeric
     - ADS

2006-03-17 Added Paul and Alex's support for faceting with quadmesh
           in sf patch 1411223 - JDH

2006-03-17 Added Charle Twardy's pie patch to support colors=None.
           Closes sf patch 1387861 - JDH

2006-03-17 Applied sophana's patch to support overlapping axes with
           toolbar navigation by toggling activation with the 'a' key.
           Closes sf patch 1432252 - JDH

2006-03-17 Applied Aarre's linestyle patch for backend EMF; closes sf
           patch 1449279 - JDH

2006-03-17 Applied Jordan Dawe's patch to support kwarg properties
           for grid lines in the grid command. Closes sf patch
           1451661 - JDH

2006-03-17 Center postscript output on page when using usetex - DSD

2006-03-17 subprocess module built if Python <2.4 even if subprocess
           can be imported from an egg - ADS

2006-03-17 Added _subprocess.c from Python upstream and hopefully
           enabled building (without breaking) on Windows, although
           not tested. - ADS

2006-03-17 Updated to latest Python upstream and
           reverted name back to - ADS

2006-03-16 Added John Porter's 3D handling code

And just to prove that ipython is wedded to mpl til death do us part:

We put 0.7.2 of ipython out also yesterday, and it does include a
number of fixes to the threading support that pylab requires with the
WX, GTK or Qt backends.



ps - it seems the matplotlibrc file at:

is a bit outdated:

In [1]: import matplotlib
UserWarning: Bad val "free" on line #204
        "image.aspect : free # free | preserve"
        in file "/home/fperez/.matplotlib/matplotlibrc"
        not a valid aspect specification

The one in the source distro is fine (I'm in the middle of updating,
so I noticed).


On 6/6/06, Charlie Moad <cwmoad@...149...> wrote:

New compile to match numpy-0.9.8.
win32-py2.4 coming tomorrow morning...

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2006-06-06 Released 0.87.3 at revision 2432