ANN: matplotlib-0.73

What's new in matplotlib 0.73

new contour functionality

  Filled contours (polygons) with contourf and clabel . See
  examples/, examples/,
  examples/ and the screenshot at Thanks Nadia
  and Eric for lots of hard work. This code is not perfect, so please
  let us know if you find bugs or problems.

native font support back in PS

  Added new rc param param ps.useafm so ps backend can use native
  fonts; this currently breaks PS mathtext but makes for smaller files

colorbar now a figure method

  Refactored colorbar code out of pylab into Figure API for API
  developers. matplotlib.pylab colorbar is now a thin wrapper to this

minor enhancements and bug-fixes

  Experimental support for GTK w/o double buffering, added double
  buffering to gtkagg, exposed some core agg functionality in
  matplotlib.agg, upgraded wrapper generator to CXX 5.3.1, added a
  custom pixel transfer function for GTK which works for Numeric and
  numarray, added patch for problem with Japanse fonts in windows
  registry, fixed ticks for horizontal colorbars, fixed labelsep
  legend bug

Downloads at