ANN: matplotlib-0.65

These notes, with links, can be read at

- matlab namespace renamed pylab - see for details on
   conversion. ipython pylab users should grab version 0.6.6. You
   can import the matlab interface (now known as pylab interface) with

   from pylab import blah # OK
   from matplotlib.pylab import blah # OK
   from matplotlib.matlab import blah # Deprecated

- contouring with the contour function!! Thanks to Nadia Dencheva.
   See examples/

- matlab compatible set and get introspection to determine settable
   properties and their values. See examples/ Sample

   >>> lines = plot([1,2,3])
   >>> set(lines)
       alpha: float
       antialiased or aa: [True | False]
       ...snip lots more...
   >>> get(lines)
       alpha = 1.0
       antialiased or aa = True
       ...snip lots more...

- Added many new matlab compatible colormaps - autumn bone cool
   copper flag gray hot hsv jet pink prism spring summer winter -
   Thanks Perry!

- zorder to artists to control drawing order of lines, patches and
   text in axes. See examples/

- mathtext in cairo backend. Also, printing now works to file
   object. Thanks Steve Chaplin.

- printing in WX - Matthew Newville contributed a print button and
   preview for the wx backends. He also, who graciously volunteered
   to be the new wx backend maintainer.

- matlab interface functions connect and disconnect replace
   mpl_connect and mpl_disconnect for event handling

- Pass hold=True|False to any plotting command to override the
   current hold setting. The original hold setting will be restored
   at the end of the plot function

- all text instances now have a bbox property which is a dict of
   Rectangle properties. If set, the text instance will display in a
   rectanglular bounding box. Example usage
    title('hi mom', bbox={'facecolor':'r', 'alpha':0.5})

- legend properties now exposed as kwargs. See help(legend)

- ishold to inspect the hold state

- new plotting functions spy, spy2 for matrix sparsity visualization

- pylab interface functions rgrids and thetagrids for customizing
   the grid locations and labels for polar plots - see

- add ion, ioff and isinteractive to pylab interface for control of
   interactive mode. See updated discussion at

Bugs fixed -

  - Fixed colorbar bug with scatter - JDH

  - SVG clipping problem - Thanks Norm Peterson

  - numerous small legend bugs fixed

  - zoom to rect works with reversed axis limits - thanks Gregory

  - fontsizing problem fixes, ps plots correctly sized, landscape
    support for ps output

  - smaller, leaner, meaner PS output - Thanks Jochen

  - make the Gtk backends build without an X-server connection -
    Thanks Jochen

Downloads at