ANN: matplotlib-0.64

Agg is written in C++, has been around for a while and is quite
mature/stable. Cairo is younger and has not yet made an "official"
release. It is written in C with language bindings available for Python,
Java, Perl and others. Agg and Cairo both aim to be platform
independent, and they overlap on many of their features. Apparently
OpenOffice, Mozilla and GTK+ are considering using Cairo in their
software, so it could become very popular.



On Tue, 2004-11-09 at 12:24, Fernando Perez wrote:

Just curious: can you comment on what's similar/different between
cairo and agg? Is there significant duplication or do they target
different problems? Would it make sense for these two projects to
share code? I worry a bit about the explosion of backends, esp.
because of the maintainability burden it tends to cause in the long