ANN: matplotlib-0.62.4

Release Name: matplotlib-0.62.4

What's new in matplotlib-0.62 - You can read this in html with hyperlinks at
* interactive support in ipython with
ipython -pylab, which detects your backend and loads the
appropriate interactive, threaded shell, as well as all of
matplotlib.matlab and numerix. Requires ipython-0.6.3. Backend
status summary: linux (all backends working), OSX (tkagg and gtk*
work), win32 (tkagg only). Thanks Fernando Perez!
* Excellent improvements in log ticking and formatting. You can now
do log plots in any base with major and minor tick support. You
can easily customize the location of the minor ticks with the subs
arguments. Mathtext exponential labeling for log plots. Thanks
Darren Dale and Gregory Lielens. See the new screenshot and
example - and
help for the semilogx, semilogy and loglog.
# base 16 semilog x plot with minor ticks on the 2s, 4s and 8s
semilogx(x,y, basex=16, subsx=[2,4,8])
* Mathtext now more than 5x faster. Thanks to Paul Mcguire for
optimizations in both pyparsing and the matplotlib grammar!
Warning, mathtext broken on python2.2. We hope to fix this soon.
* fltkagg backend - alpha. Gregory Lielens submitted an fltkagg
backend which requires CVS pyfltk. Feedback please!
* Bug fixes: fixed some image edge effects, a ttf read problem in
backend_ps on win32, several errorbar problems, a HOME dir bug on
win32, grid w/o args now toggle grid state, multiple imshows with
different extents, markerface color as RGB tulple
Downloads at

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2004-08-30 matplotlib 0.62.4 released
2004-08-30 Fixed a multiple images with different extent bug,
Fixed markerfacecolor as RGB tuple
2004-08-27 Mathtext now more than 5x faster. Thanks to Paul Mcguire
for fixes both to pyparsing and to the matplotlib grammar!
mathtext broken on python2.2
2004-08-25 Exposed Darren's and Greg's log ticking and formatting
options to semilogx and friends
2004-08-23 Fixed grid w/o args to toggle grid state - JDH
2004-08-11 Added Gregory's log patches for major and minor ticking
2004-08-18 Some pixel edge effects fixes for images
2004-08-18 Fixed TTF files reads in backend_ps on win32. 2004-08-18 Added base and subs properties for logscale plots, user
modifiable using
set_[x,y]scale('log',base=b,subs=[mt1,mt2,...]) - GL
2004-08-18 fixed a bug exposed by trying to find the HOME dir on win32
thanks to Alan Issac for pointing to the light - JDH
2004-08-18 fixed errorbar bug in setting ecolor - JDH
2004-08-12 Added Darren Dale's exponential ticking patch
2004-08-11 Added Gregory's fltkagg backend

**Special numarray Note:**

The windows installers for the numarray version of

matplotlib will be unavailable until some time next

week due to the untimely death of Todd Miller’s PC.