ANN matplotlib-0.42

OK, now we at least know where the problem is. I don't get

    >> such an error message on my system (rhl9, pygtk-2.0.0). What
    >> platform are you on, and what versions of GTK and pygtk are you
    >> running? JDH

    > W2K, Enthought python 2.3, pygtk 2.0, gtk 2.0

Hi Luk,

I get the same error message on my WinXP platform. I recently
decoupled the text code from the various backends (gtk, ps, etc). In
the past, each backend specified their own default font, and this is
no longer possible since text is now backend independent. On the
upside, this enables you to save PS or EPS from a GTK or WX GUI
window. On the downside, this exposes the problem that font choosing
is not backend independent. We've talked a number of times about the
importance of this on matplotlib-devel, but haven't done the dirty
work of actually getting it implemented.

So in a nutshell, there is nothing wrong with your setup. We on the
development side just need to spend some time getting fonts
standardized across backends. Ie, we need to agree on a bare minimum
number of fonts with standard names that we can provide on all the
backends, so scripts using these names will work on all the backends.
This is complicated by the fact that most fonts are proprietary, so we
can't ship them or guarantee their existence on a given system.

It's on the list of things to do. If this proves to be a major
impediment for you in the mean time, don't hesitate to bring it up
again. Sometimes those who complain the loudest get their bugs fixed
the soonest.