ANN: Enthought Python Distribution - New Release


Enthought, Inc. is very pleased to announce the newest release of the Enthought Python Distribution (EPD) Py2.5 v4.0.30002:

This release contains updates to many of EPD's packages, including NumPy, IPython, matplotlib, VTK, etc. This is also the first release to include a 3.x version of the Enthought Tool Suite (

The release notes for this release, including the list of included packages, may be found here:

Many thanks to the EPD team for putting this release together, and to the community of folks who have provided all of the valuable tools bundled here.

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About EPD
The Enthought Python Distribution (EPD) is a "kitchen-sink-included" distribution of the Python™ Programming Language, including over 80 additional tools and libraries. The EPD bundle includes NumPy, SciPy, IPython, 2D and 3D visualization, database adapters, and a lot of other tools right out of the box.

It is currently available as an easy, single-click installer for Windows XP (x86), Mac OS X (a universal binary for Intel 10.4 and above) and RedHat EL3 (x86 and amd64).

EPD is free for 30-day trial use and for use in degree-granting academic institutions. An annual Subscription and installation support are available for commercial use ( including an Enterprise Subscription with support for particular deployment environments (