[ANN] Call for abstracts: BigData minisymposium at CSE'13, February 2013, Boston

Dear colleagues,

next year's SIAM conference on Computational Science and Engineering,
CSE'13, will take place in Boston, February 25-March 1
(http://www.siam.org/meetings/cse13), and for this version there will
be a track focused on the topic of Big Data. This term has rapidly
risen in recent discussions of science and even of mainstream business
computing, and for good reasons. Today virtually all disciplines are
facing a flood of quantitative information whose volumes have often
grown faster than the quality of our tools for extracting insight from
these data. SIAM hopes that CSE'13 will provide an excellent venue
for discussing these problems, from the vantage point offered by a
community whose expertise combines analytical insights, algorithmic
development, software engineering and domain-specific applications.

As part of this event, Titus Brown (http://ged.msu.edu) and I are
organizing a minisymposium where we would like to have a group of
presentations that address both novel algorithmic ideas and
computational approaches as well as domain-specific problems. Data
doesn't appear in a vacuum, and data from different domains presents a
mix of common problems along with questions that may be specific to
each; we hope that by engaging a dialog between those working on
algorithmic and implementation questions and those with specific
problems from the field, valuable insights can be obtained.

If you would like to contribute to this minisymposium, please contact
us directly at:

"C. Titus Brown" <ctb@...1618...>,
"Fernando Perez" <Fernando.Perez@...1016...>

with your name and affiliation, the title of your proposed talk and a
brief description (actual abstracts are due later so an informal
description will suffice for now), by Wednesday August 29. For more
details on the submission process, see:


Please forward this to any interested colleagues.


Titus and Fernando.