ANN: backend_agg v 0.000001

The agg backend

  Features that are implemented

    * capstyles and join styles
    * dashes
    * linewidth
    * lines, rectangles, ellipses, polygons
    * clipping to a rectangle
    * output to RGBA and PNG
    * alpha blending
    * DPI scaling - (dashes, linewidths, fontsizes, etc)
    * freetype1

     * use ttf manager to get font - right now I just use Vera


   Grab the latest matplotlib from


    Numeric 22+
    agg2 (see below)
    freetype 1
    libz ?
  Install AGG2 (cut and paste below into xterm should work)

    tar xvfz agg2.tar.gz
    cd agg2

    (Optional) if you want to make the examples:
    cd examples/X11

  Installing backend_agg

   Edit change aggsrc to point to the agg2 src tree and
   replace if 0: with if 1: in the backend_agg section

   Then just do the usual thing: python build

   Please let me know if you encounter build problems, and tell me
   platform, gcc version, etc... Currently the paths in
   assume as linux like filesystem (eg X11 include dir, location of
   libttf, etcc) so you may need to tweak these.

  Using agg backend

    python -dAgg


    import matplotlib
Let me know how it works out! Note also that backend agg is the first
backend to support alpha blending; see