Animated plot & resizing


I am trying to plot a line from 2 arrays of data (dates on the x axis) in a qt widget, so that I can update the line quickly when the user changes the data selection through a qcombobox and so that the widget containing the plot can be resized (matplotlib and qt-pyside).

I managed to obtain a line that I can update using plot_date and clearing the axis before issuing an ax.draw, but then the figure only updates after is has been resized, not on the draw() call (I think it may have to do with qt not redrawing the frame rather than matplotlib not updating the plot).

I then tried the animation examples from the website but the plot I obtained misbehaves when resized (looks like I get two plots: the presiously sized plot and the newly sized plot on top of each other).

I have been looking at the examples on the website but haven’t found an example of an animated plot that can be resized by the user in a gui environment.

Would you have such an example or maybe you can point me to an example that I missed on the website?