alternative Debian packages for matplotlib 0.63.4


I produced a set of alternative Debian packages for matplotlib
version 0.63.4. These are based on Vittorio Palmisano's packages,
but include the following changes:

   * I fixed the dependencies and build-dependencies. The package
     should now build fine on build-daemons and such.
   * I only build the gtkagg backend, to keep the list of dependencies
   * I made the package build without an X-server connection.
   * The package does no longer install duplicates of the Vera* TTF
     font files but uses the ones from ttf-bitstream-vera instead.
     This reduces the binary package size by several 100kb.
   * The example scripts in the -doc package are executable.

You can find my packages on my homepage at

Comments and suggestions are very welcome.

Vittorio: fell free to incorporate all these changes into your
packages as you see fit.

All the best,