Add named roles to governance

In the next step of our slow-motion move from ad-hoc to formalized governance, please see (which is extracted out of, the other half of #7 went to

This proposal changes the governance in three key ways (in addition to copy-editing):

  1. renames BDFL -> Project lead
  2. Expands the Steering council and sets roll-off process
  3. adds deputy project leaders with specific responsibilities:
    • Release Manager
    • API Consistency Leader
    • Reference Documentation Leader
    • Narrative Documentation Leader
    • Secretary
    • Community Manager

When ever possible we want to continue to make decisions by consensus, but the Deputy project leads are empowered to resolve things where we can not reach consensus and are expected to provide leadership in their area in collaboration with the PL.

See for a rendered version of the current tip of the PR branch.

We are looking for feed back on:

  • are these well scoped roles?
  • Any edits to the responsibilities?
  • are we missing a key role?
  • rename any of the roles?

In line with the document the steering council (currently myself, @efiring and @rmay31 ) will appoint the initial DPL. If you are interested in taking on any of these responsibilities please either post here or email us.

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