a virtual work party: help migrate scipy.org to new wiki

As many of you know, a number of us have been busy migrating the
scipy.org website to a new, more user-friendly wiki system. The new wiki
is up-and-running, is more-up-to-date, and prettier-to-look at than the
old site.

We are working to make scipy.org a portal website for all scientific
software written in Python, and not just for the packages numpy and
scipy, which happen to have their natural homes there. This wiki
structure allows peer-review-by-wiki, so please do not feel bashful
about updating any aspect of the wiki to suit your opinions.

The current address of the new site is http://new.scipy.org/Wiki Once we
go "live", we'll point http://scipy.org to this wiki.

Before we make the switch, however, there are a few things that need to
be done and a few things that should be done. This is a request for two

1) Review the page http://new.scipy.org/Wiki/MigratingFromPlone and make
sure you can live with what it says. If you can't edit it.
2) Please undertake any of the tasks listed at that page. Update the
page that you're working on the task, and again when you're done.
3) (Optional) Bask in the glory of our shiny new website which will
allow NumPy/ SciPy/ Matplotlib/ IPython/ whateverelse to rule the
scientific computing world!

I'd like to ask that we try and complete these tasks as quickly as
possible. I know I'm asking a busy group of people to pitch in, but I
hope you'll agree the results will be worth it.

Thank you,
Andrew Straw

PS Sorry for the cross postings. I thought it would be important to get
as many hands involved as possible.