A request for code critique


After solving the boxplotting mystery, and figuring out how to change the mouse hover reading sensitivities, I have finished my small script which creates boxplots from a given file. I can call it either by issueing ./splot.py file or from inside ipython -pylab with run command. However I still couldn’t figure out how to drop in ipython from the bash shell call while all my variable context visible in the ipython namespace.

I am attaching the script and a sample file I used. Could you please comment whether I am on the right track? I am not very sure my locals() use is correct to create a variable name from a given file name. There might be other points that seem weaker in the code as well.

Thank you.


09_03_23_11_44_54.stats.tas (2.87 KB)

splot.py (1.52 KB)