A question about cbook.is_string_like

BTW, what's the "official" status of the PDF backend? Last

    > I checked (a month or so ago), it seemed to work fine, has
    > a couple of Python 2.4-isms, but was generally great. I
    > was surprised that it didn't appear to make it onto the
    > list of officially-sanctioned backends (e.g. in the "save"
    > button on the toolbar, IIRC). I found it really useful for

Hmm, in backend_agg.py
FigureCanvasAgg.print_figure there is an entry for pdf in the print
switch routine. Which backend are you having trouble on? All the
*Agg backends should just pass the print request right through to agg,
which should handle PDF (and PS, EPS, SVG, etc...)