A Github public project issues list metrics dashboard

Hi all,

I recently designed a visualization of Matplotlib’s issues list metrics.

I quickly realised that it was worth turning this into an open source command line tool that allows you to apply it to any public project committed to Github and any time period of interest. You can download the python codebase for this tool and find a brief user guide with some examples here:

RepoDash - performance metrics for Github repositories

Here’s some example output showing the last 12 months performance for the Matplotlib issues list:

Feedback welcome.



A new release of RepoDash is now available (V0.3):

This allows you to save the output to a file and displays the most commonly used labels among all issues that remain open at the end of the display time period. You can also group your labels using a CSV configuration file which can be supplied on the command line.

Documentation has also been updated to reflect the new functionality

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