a bug in tex formatting?

"johann cohen-tanugi" <johann.cohentanugi@...287...> writes:

If I do r'$A\tilde{B}$' the tilde is actually on the A !!

It doesn't do that for me. Either this has been fixed between your
question and now, or it depends on the specifics of your environment.
The following simple test puts the tilde on B in both cases:

In [22]:rcParams['text.usetex']

In [23]:text(0,0,r'$A\tilde{B}$')
Out[23]:<matplotlib.text.Text instance at 0x17b814e0>

In [24]:text(1,0,r'$A\tilde B$')
Out[24]:<matplotlib.text.Text instance at 0x17b81508>

This is with the TkAgg backend and current svn version of matplotlib.
What does this experiment produce for you?

However, the following might be considered a bug:

In [28]:text(1,1,r'$A\tilde{}B$')


exceptions.ValueError Traceback (most recent call last)

/private/tmp/<ipython console>
ValueError: unrecognized symbol "\tild"

I think John Hunter once said that Matplotlib's mathtext attempts to
support a subset of LaTeX syntax, and any inconsistencies within that
subset should be considered bugs. Admittedly it doesn't seem very
likely that someone wants to but a raised tilde between two letters,
but the error message indicates that the parsing is somehow very
different from TeX.

Jouni K. Sepp�nen